Our guides

FSAG, the Association of Qualified Tourist Guides of Stockholm, holds approximately 300 well-educated specialists of Stockholm and its surroundings. All of us work on freelance basis and most of us are self-employed.

All members of FSAG have taken the comprehensive education for guides arranged by Stockholm Visitors Board. Added to this, many of us have experience from other professional fields as well as different levels of academic education.  

All communication is carried out directly with us, the guides – requests, agreements, booking and payment. None of this is handled by FSAG.

How to contact a guide: Choose language by a click on the appropriate flag below. You will then receive information in your chosen language. You will also see all guides, who guide in your specific language. Tthe guides are shown in random order. 

In case you prefer to search for a specific guide or would like to have an over-view of all guides that are members of FSAG, we recommend you to down-load our pdf, showing all guides in alphabetical order. Click to download a pdf:

 All guides in PDF format