Contact a guide directly!

When you like to find out more about one particular guide, just click on his/her name and you will find more information. The guides are shown in random order. If you are looking fora certain guide, the easiest way is to down-load the pdf, which you will find when returning to Our guides. In the PDF, all guides are listed in alphabetical order.

What does it cost? The cost for each guided tour will vary depending on how the assignment is planned and also at what time during the day. The authorized guides charge per hour, with a starting fee of a minimum of three hours. An extra fee will be charged when the assignment is carried out between 7 PM-7 AM as well as during holidays, like Midsummer. When you need more information regarding the cost for your guided tour, please discuss it directly with your guide. All communication with your guide will be carried out directly with him/her; requests, confirmations, booking and payment.

FSAG does not handle/offer any booking service.

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