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Alicia Batalow

Alicia Batalow is a Qualified Tourist Guide with years of experience guiding tourists around the most interesting sights of Stockholm. She speaks five languages fluently and holds a Bachelor's degree in English linguistics.

Alicia was born in Moscow, Russia and moved with her family to Sweden at the age of six, resulting in her acquiring two first languages. She has lived in the US, Germany, and Italy, but considers Stockholm her true home and the place she knows by heart.

Though her background and education lie in the visual arts, Alicia's interests span such diverse topics as culture, history, architecture, languages, etiquette, and the dynamics of social interaction. She is somewhat of a natural leader, but also a good listener with an eye for detail and a quick-witted sense of humor. A tour with Alicia will leave you as fond of your guide as of Stockholm itself.

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Alicia Batalow