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Cecilia Lagersvärd

My name is Cecilia Lagersvärd and I started working as a guide in Stockholm and the surrounding areas over 20 years ago. I am a bit of a jack of all trades and have a colorful background both when it comes to jobs and studies. Among other things I have studied law, political science, history, art history, economic history, archaeology, cultural geography, urban planning, museology, German, literature, linguistics and inter-cultural communication.

Through my academic studies and practical experiences I have kept learning and expanding the field of knowledge and my line of work as a tour leader, tour manager, a qualified Stockholm guide, Archipelago Guide and Rune Kingdom (Viking) Guide.

I do walking-, bus-, boat- and bike tours as well as specialized theme walking tours at/in the most visited places such as the Old Town, Riddarholmen, Djurgården, The Vasamuseum, The City Hall, Skansen, The Historical Museum & The Gold Room, The Royal Palace, The Drottningholm Palace, The Gripsholm Palace, Millesgården, the Modern Art Museum, Hammarby Sjöstad, The Royal National City Park, Södermalm, Östermalm, The Modern City, Mariefred, Uppsala, Sigtuna, Skokloster, Vaxholm, Fjäderholmarna, Sandhamn, Dalarö and many more places.

Among other things I have specialized in areas such as historical Stockholm, Stockholm of today, the Royal National City Park in Stockholm, the Stockholm archipelago, architecture, urban planning and sustainability issues, the Vikings and our heritage, archaeology tours, agricultural tours, Swedish history and politics through the centuries, how the modern Swedish welfare state has developed.

I also work as a tour leader, touring around with incentive groups in whole Sweden. I have many years of experience in doing discovery tours, study tours, technical visits, tour management, lecturing, team building, translation and interpreting.

If this sounds interesting, you are welcome to contact me for ideas and suggestions for programs, sights and exiting hidden-away places to discover and experience.

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Cecilia Lagersvärd