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Natalie O'Sullivan

Although you may not have guessed by the name, I am in actual fact Swedish born and bred. However, I also benefit from being half Australian, an unbeatable combination!

I was practically born in to the cruising industry and I officially started my career within tourism as a key member of one of the most established tour operators in Sweden. I was presented with the opportunity to start Stockholm Our Way, we are famous for, amongst other tours, the Viking Walk, to some I am better known as ”Bertha the Ballbreaker”, Viking pillager and tour guide.

Being half Swede half Aussie, I have the unique ability to see the country and the people of Sweden through both the eyes of a Swede as well as the eyes of a visitor to the country. Indeed, the differences between cultures often make room for a multitude of funny facts and observations, which I love sharing with my guests.

My favourite place in the city - As I live on Kungsholmen the island has a special place in my heart. A walk along Norr Mälarstrand regardless of season, overlooking the island of Södermalm, makes my heart beat a little faster. Do I sound a bit corny? Perhaps, but once you have experienced it yourself you’ll see what I mean. It is a love story!

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Natalie O'Sullivan